What is QuickBase used for?

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What is QuickBase used for?

I know its a database service but how is it comepeting to Mysql and SQL?

How good is this?

All details please

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What is QuickBase used for?


Hi Loana,

The features of QuickBase database are as follows:
1) QuickBase database is used to create lightweight apps without deploying and managing services and database software.
2) File Maker offers more features for enterprises with the server edition such as Wan optimization
3) It provides a third party solution called Qunect that helps connect the external databases
4) It provides a spreadsheet for import data on which the application is based
5) It supports the system for issue tracking
6) It manages and works efficiently with teams
7) Plan the daily tasks in QuickBase with task management features
8) It manages several projects at the same time
9) It has a feature a scheduled milestones to work efficiently

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What is QuickBase used for?


There four main uses for Quickbase. It's a "do a lot" application that packs the function of so many applications to a one stop shop. However, the four major functions are as follows: 

1. Magazine Development

2. Airline IT Project Management

3. Workflow for the approval process documentation

4. Customer Service

There are different needs from client to client and there are many available database management systems. The choice is up to the user and what program best provides a solution for him. We can only base our assessment on feedback such as the ones listed for Quickbase above. The usage of database management systems make the use of the desk top easier, clients normally use SQL. For Quick base, the usage are the ones above. It's really up to the user where they find the mostly practicality and efficiency. However, it is safe to assume that if you have a similar need from above, you should use Quickbase.





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