What is the most efficient and preferred Data storage for your files?

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I use removable disk or USB in storing my important files, this also serve as my back up file for the reason that my laptop might be exposed in viruses coming from the internet.

However sometimes USB is also prone in viruses that's why it is not always helpful for data storage. 

Recently I am thinking of placing my files online somehow it is not prone to viruses where files are in good storage. 
Which do you prefer?
USB, Hard drive or online storage of files?
Or do you have any other suggestions? 


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What is the most efficient and preferred Data storage for your files?



Placing your files online is the best option and before they are uploaded they have to be scanned if they have viruses. Hard-drives are also prone to viruses as flash disk disks unless you have genuine antivirus software like Kaspersky or AVG internet security.

For internet we have Google drive which can be accessed at https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=wise&passive=1209600&osid=1&continue=https://drive.google.com/&followup=https://drive.google.com/&emr=1 , you are supposed to download Google drive and MUST have a Gmail account. When you install the software it creates a Google drive folder in your “my documents folder” where you place the file you want uploaded online. Every time you place a file in the folder it is automatically uploaded.

Microsoft’s sky drive is another online tool that can be used to store your files. All you have to do is download a SkyDrive free account desktop app and automatically sync your files on your computer. It is compatible with windows 8, 7 , OS and also on mobile. SkyDrive is accessible from: windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/skydrive/download

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What is the most efficient and preferred Data storage for your files?


Hello Sarah,

Its really important to decide where do you want to make a back-up copy of your files for which you should take in consideration the available methodologies such : 

  1. Cloud storage : which means online solution available for storing your data .
  2. Offline storage : which are the local disks or portable ones, USB, BlueRay etc.

However there advantages and disadvantages about both as an example the cloud storage is unreachable without internet connectivity, But its totally protected since firms take more care about security issues than individual. My advice to you if you have a high-speed internet is to use cloud storage and as an example 4shared gives you 15 GB for free as Google drive give 5 GB you can also use dropbox but its not safe since it copies everything which means that it can copy a virus.

If you don't have a good internet connection go for buying a portable hard disk and an antivirus software i recommend Kaspersky and if your files are not critical you can use free antivirus Software's such as Avira .


Browen Courtemanche

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What is the most efficient and preferred Data storage for your files?


Hi Sarah

There are many great file storage sites.

Few of them I recommend are:

1. dropbox.com – which initially allows 2GB storage FREE. Dropbox will add more space if you refer your friends/families to use dropbox. Initially I was offered 2GB storage but now I have 7GB after I referred my friends to use dropbox. Beside, you can use dropbox in your android, iPhone or Windows 7. Automatic sync between your computer, phone camera and online storage is possible and is quite efficient.

2. Box.com – This is becoming quite popular day by day as many enterprise uses it and is quite efficient for corporate arena. For personal they gives 5GB storage completely free. The only thing they lack is automatic phone to web storage sync.

3. Google docs – It allows 5GB free and is quite popular all over the world for file collaboration, online edits. And even auto sync is possible with Google+.



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