What is Metro style in Windows 8?

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I've heard that there is upcoming windows new os. It is the windows 8. However, it has been stated that it has "metro style" design. What with the metro style design? Can anybody help me find out what's with it?

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What is Metro style in Windows 8?


Casey Cock ,



Metro design is basically a language designed to group some common tasks or features in an application and make them function as a main UI itself instead of accessing the content of it through unnecessary excessive graphics. This speeds up the access. Windows 8 is using this metro style design for the purpose of next generation high speed and high powered tablets, touch devices, laptops and PCs.


This new OS which is based on metro style design looks like colorful and attractive tiles; each tile representing and application like outlook email, office, etc. But this new style will be useful for users to access the programs which are written only for metro interface. In order to access the other programs like iTunes and perform certain tasks, the user needs to switch to traditional desktop interface which is again not a one-click task.

– Charle Faru

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