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My computer’s operating system is Windows XP and I am using Microsoft Office 2007 with it.

My trouble is whenever I open an Excel file; it opens but has no data on it. Microsoft Word works just fine but Excel does not.

I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office 2007, and made sure that all updates are done to no avail.

I hope you could tell me what the problem is and how I could solve it. Thank you. 

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Hallo James,

In which format are you saving the document that you are creating in excel? The problem may be arising because you are not saving the document in the compatibility format. I will advise that you save it in that format as follows:

  • With your excel document open, click on file, then choose save as.
  • Choose excel 97-2003 workbook and then click on it.
  • Give a file name and then choose the destination for the file you are saving. In this case I will advise that you save it on the desktop.
  • Click on save to save the document.

This should help you.


Mahesh Babu