What kind of error is smtp failover?

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What kind of error is SMTP failover? I am having this kind of error while opening an outlook when I try to save some files out of this application. But what is worst sometimes other applications crashes and some data lost will occur I need a solution for this problem , I know you can help me guys.




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What kind of error is smtp failover?


Hello ,

This kind of error codes often come up. Not only you but also me! I had this problems and wanted to prevent this data loss. Anybody who sends email has seen them, in one form or another. These are often in response to SMTP commands that have 'gone wrong' between your email server that sent the email, and the receiving email server that is unable to deliver it for some reason. 'SMTP' stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

 Now does your error codes look like this ??

  • # 220 – SMTP Service ready.
  • # 221 – Service closing.
  • # 501 – A syntax error was encountered in command arguments.
  • # 502 – This command is not implemented.

 If yes you can solve it. But remember not every one of them is in your hands. The 5 xx codes are from server failure.

But most of the errors can be avoided by uninstalling and installing the software you are using. Save your work and copy it. Reinstall it and copy them over again . It should work fine.

Thank you.

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