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How i can create an website with Joomla.

Can any one explain me.

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You can create a website with Joomla, it is paid subscription, and they will guide you on each and every step of website making and also responsible for your website hosting.

Go to their website, And start creating your website. They have stepwise instruction that will be very useful to you and you can get the desired result.

Their hosting fees are also affordable, but before moving to any step you need to first sign up with them.

If you want to make a website then sign up today and take advantage of their different facilities.

How and where to start all the information is available on this link.

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Since I think you are planning on developing a Joomla website, I’m sure you know how to use Joomla.

The easiest way of creating a website from Joomla is by using a template which will then be uploaded to the server and then applied on your Joomla website.

But if using a Joomla template is a new thing to you, here’s how you can install a Joomla template on your website.

These steps describe the installation of an exported and zipped template using the Joomla administration panel.

  • Go to Joomla Administrator [] > Extensions > Extension Manager.
  • In the Extension Manager, select Upload Package File.
  • Click Choose then browse for the zip file you wish to install.
  • Click Upload & Install.
  • Next, go to Extensions then Template Manager.
  • Find the template you just uploaded from the list then put a star next to it.
  • Click Make Default.

If you wish to know other installation procedures, you may visit here.

Sharath Reddy