What is internal networking system?

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Every office uses an internal network.  What is this and how does it  work ?  Which cable is used for this network?

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What is internal networking system?


Internal network system or intranet, is a computer network that most offices use, to securely share information inside the organization.  They use Internet Protocol technology. 

There are different ways to create an intranet.

One is using, private IP ranges so that only certain IP’s are used within the organization.  In this case the intranet can only be directly accessed from a computer, in the local network. Same cables and wires are used.  It is similar to logging online, to the internet.  It's just that the access is limited to a certain group of people, because the network is protected from unauthorized access externally by gateway or firewall.

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What is internal networking system?


Normally, in an office, a private network called intranet exists. It is private network within an enterprise which may consist of several interlinked LANs or local area networks and also utilize leased lines in WAN or the Wide Area Network. An intranet basically contains connections via one or more gateway computers to the outside internet. It is designed to share company information and computing resources between employees.

It utilizes HTTP, TCP/IP, and other internet protocols and usually appears like a private version of the internet. Companies are able to send private messages via the public network with the use of tunneling. Tunneling uses special encryption/decryption and other security protections to connect to one part of the intranet to another using the public network.

In larger enterprises, normally, they permit users within their intranet to access the internet by means of firewall servers that are capable of screening or filtering messages in both directions to be able to maintain company security. When a portion of an intranet is made accessible to partners, suppliers, customers, and others that are outside the company, that portion becomes a section of an extranet.

The two most popular types of cabling used in an intranet are coaxial cable and twisted pair.

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