What to do to excel for Mac export option start working?

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I have problems with exporting data from excel, excel for Mac export option won't work, it keeps saying that I need some additional software, it should be simple,

Please help.

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What to do to excel for Mac export option start working?



There are a few possible options as to why you are unable to export from Excel.  

1. I came across the fact that on the Mac OS v10.6 Snow Leopard, if you do not have Rosetta installed, the *.xls format will cause an OS error.  The error will indicate that Rosetta is needed in order to export.  Running FileMaker Pro will uninstall Rosetta and cause similar issues.

2. Another problem is on Excel 2008 for Mac, there is an export bug.  It is kind of tricky to get rid of it but here is the gist of it.

a. If you save your file as a .csv file and view the output using a standard Unix command you will notice that it has CR line terminators.  CR stands for Carriage Return.  Unix OS's like Mac OS uses a single 'n' for new lines.  

b. In order to fix this you need to use dos2unix and type in the following command:

    # convert the *.csv file into a Unix appropriate file

     dos2unix workbook.csv WithUnixLineEndings.csv

At the bottom of this post are a couple web sites describing these issues and more information if needed.



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