What is the difference of a .com to .net domain?

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What is the difference of a .com to .net domain?

I own a blog from blogspot and planning to make a new domain name using .com or .net. I just want to know what are the pro's cons of these two and which is better? Can someone help me to decide which one is good to use?
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What is the difference of a .com to .net domain?



For starting the major domain name extension were .com, .net and .org ; .com was considered to be only for commercial usage, whereas .net for network-related and technology based companies, and for your knowledge .org was supposed to be only for non profit and charity businesses.

Now, they can be used all the same, for any purpose you want, we tend to consider them as unrestricted domain names. On the other hand, internet based companies can take advantage from the .com domain extension because, due to the frequent use of .com, normal user will consider always, as the first choice that a domain name extension will be .com.

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What is the difference of a .com to .net domain?


First and foremost, it is good that you know if your domain name you want to establish provides information for a commercial company or for a networking company. 

.com originates from the word commercial and is thus recommended for a commercial company or organization.

.net on the other hands originates from network and is recommended for a technology or networking company for example one that provides internet services. 

Depending on this original rule, you can then make a choice which of the two to use according to the contents of your blog. 

These were the initial intended uses for the .com and .net extensions. However, in the recent times with the advance in internet networking such as the World Wide Web, this original rule is rarely followed.

With this then you have the choice to select either the .net or .com. Many companies, organizations and even individuals cross register with any domain extension so as to protect their interests. 

Sometimes you may also want to use a .com but then find that the domain name is not available, in this case you are free to use the .net or vice versa. 

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What is the difference of a .com to .net domain?


The differences between using a .COM versus a .NET are small but have the potential to greatly impact the traffic that you see. As generic top-level domain names originally, .COM was meant to be used with commercial sites and .NET was meant to be used with networking and related sites.

However, these domains can now be used for almost anything. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of these two domains:


  1. The first thing to consider here is the common internet user. When a website is advertised, a person will most likely remember the domain name and not the extension. Most people then reflexively type .COM when searching for or trying to recall the website that they are interested in. The typical user may not even think to try a .NET name if they cannot reach the correct .COM website. On the other hand, .NET domains are more unique and using that domain can make your blog stand out.
  2. Some initial studies have shown various domains fair better than others with search engines. In a small, informal study published by Glen Woodfin, a general trend showed that .COM tends to be slightly better for Google search engine rankings than .NET. However, quality of the content plays much more of a role in your search engine ranking than the domain you choose.
  3. Some hosts offer different features available depending on the domain you use. These features are completely dependent on the host and vary greatly from host to host.
  4. The final thing to consider is the availability of names in each domain. Since .COM is very common, the availability of short, ideal names for your blog may be limited and it can be a time consuming and difficult to find the right available domain name. If you cannot find the right domain name with .COM, .NET is the best alternative domain.


In conclusion, .COM is more popular and common these days. However, if you cannot find a good .COM domain name, then .NET is a great alternative.

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