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Good day friends,

I was wondering how does personal computer and desktop computer differ from each other?

Are they the same or not?


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Good day Abegail Jackson,

I'll take your question by defining them. A personal computer and desktop computer are basically not the same.

A personal computer is simply any computers used for general purposes meant to be used by an individual person at a time.

A desktop computer on the other hand can be defined as a personal computer that is a stay put on a single place usually on a table top or desk hence the name 'desktop' computer. This is in contrast with laptops and notebooks where you can carry them with you anywhere.

Hence if we put it to the logic, all desktop computers are personal computers but not all personal computers are desktop computers.

Hope I helped you.

Thank you.

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A desktop computer is really no different from a personal computer and they only differ in definition. A desktop computer is also a personal computer in a way designed for regular use at a fix location. This is opposite to portable computer or mobile laptop which you can bring to any location you desire.

Desktop computers in the early days were created to lie flat on the desk whereas modern towers stand upright. With regards to the widespread use of microprocessors, a computer that can fit on a desk was already considered extremely small. Personal computers before such as the IBM PC were desktop machines.

It has a horizontally-oriented computer case where the monitor is normally placed on top to simply save space. On the other hand, a personal computer or PC is a general-purpose computer where its capabilities, size, and original sale price makes it helpful for individuals. It is directly operated by the end-user with no superseding computer operator.

Sharath Reddy