What is CMOS and how can I reset it?

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When Entering The motherboard setup from delete button we often get 10 categories one of them is "CMOS".

I would like to know what is it?

What does it stand for?

And How i could Rest it?

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What is CMOS and how can I reset it?


CMOS is a name of technology. There are many use of it in tour computer.

Generally it’s a semiconductor so it is being using all electrical devices.

But in computer technology it’s using different part and roll of semiconductor.

One of them we called CMOS. Its full meaning is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.

It is using as a battery of the motherboard.

There are many ways to reset CMOS. You can do it from BIOS or you can or it manually. In BIOS go to optimize default or system default option and save it by yes and then enter.

Or manually just unplug the battery from motherboard and plug it again.

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What is CMOS and how can I reset it?


CMOS stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor.

This handles your computer’s clock, the date, the passwords (if any).

This is the part responsible for controlling the devices on the computer:

  1. Clock
  2. Date
  3. Passwords (if any)
  4. Intrusion Security of the CPU itself
  5. Processor
  6. Physical RAM
  7. Keyboard
  8. Mouse
  9. Available and assigned IRQ for the parallel port (printer port)
  10. USB
  11. Video card
  12. Sound card
  13. Network card
  14. Internal modem
  15. Hard drive
  16. DVD/CD drive
  17. Floppy disk drive
  18. Any firewire IEEE adapters

CMOS sets the configuration for all the attached devices. For example the processor, it controls the speed setting, like a Pentium 4 3.06GHz 533MHz FSB Socket 478 Level 2 512kb cache multithreading, it sets whether the multithreading option is enabled or disabled.

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