What can do in Internet speed developing

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I am in Sherpur, Bangladesh.

I used edge modem of citycel. But I do not get necessary speed for download and suddenly disconnect from the internet. What is the solution of this problem in the internet using?

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What can do in Internet speed developing



Internet connections somehow depends on what Internet Service Provider you use (ISP). Also to be considered are factors including the speed of the servers the user is trying to connect to, the type of network connection may it wired or wireless, a router and network bandwidth and latency.

One of the least-understood factors is the user’s Domain Name System Server (DNS). And there are many ways to boost up or speed up your internet connection.

Have you perform a speed test of your ISP? If not you can first do a speed test for you to verify and later compare if there is a change.

To run a speed test visit www.speedtest.net have a copy of your first result. How to speed up your internet connection?

Just follow this link www.ehow.com/how_8459_speed-internet-connection.html

hope this helps you.

For wired internet connection


For wireless internet connection

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What can do in Internet speed developing


Oh yes the reason could be that you are far away at the edge of the provider connection.

Solutions possible.

1. You need to contact the service provider for improving the services of your connection.

2. Check whether there is any problem in the connection, hardware problems.

3. Always see that you can connect using any service provider having GPRS connectivity wireless. This can help you get good outcome for a good service.

4. Cable connections are also possible. These increase bandwidth and hence increase the speed of connection.

5. Use a broadband service for better outcome from the internet in terms of speed.

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