What is the best web-automation IDE?

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I'm learning web-automation, currently just using iTerm, Watir and SublimeText, but I thought it's better to use IDE to continue my work.

What I've learned already: 
– basics of Ruby
– basics of Watir and Mechanize

Now I need one good IDE to check my scripts for possible errors.

I've tried RubyMine but I'm also looking for other options(with tutorials online if possible).

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What is the best web-automation IDE?


RubyMine is very good and popular IDE tool for web automation. As you are looking for other options, then you may try one or more of the followings IDE.

Eclipse: Yes, Eclipse has project for Ruby inside Dynamic Language Toolkit(DLTK) project. Eclipse is a very extensive development platform. To download the eclipse, click here.

NetBeans: Netbeans is a free, open source development kit. But as of Netbeans 7.0 the ruby on rails module is no longer included in Netbeans IDE.

Aptana Studio: This is also a free, open source IDE for ruby and rails application. To download this IDE, click here.

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