What are the ways to use batch file yes automatic?

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I need the detail description about the use of batch file yes automatic because I am not familiar with this batch file. So, in this regard I need the expert opinion so that I will be able to get some knowledge about batch file yes automatic. I am waiting for the reply.

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What are the ways to use batch file yes automatic?


Batch files are a script files which is use in DOS (Disc operating system), OS/2 and in windows operating system. Batch file is same with any other language that uses scripts to make things easier to process.  Batch file uses file extension .bat, so if you are going to create batch file just simple create or make script using notepad and save it as .bat. If you want to learn more about batch programming, you need to know also some dos commands. For more information about DOS commands just run your cmd (Click start then type to search box “cmd” then press enter). Type help, you will see many command there, if you want more information about particular command, for example you want to learn more about copy command, just type Help then space then the command you want.

Example Help COPY

You can use those commands in creating batch files, so it is very important to know about those commands.

Hope this helped.


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