What are the problems in P910 Syncing?

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Hello experts,

I just got my Sony P910 mobile phone. Everything works perfectly fine except for something that I noticed when syncing it to my computer. It will usually time-out. I checked on the time zones on both PC and my P910 and they are okay. Is there something that I need to do fix this?


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What are the problems in P910 Syncing?


Hi John Michaud,

Have you tried upgrading your firmware? If not perhaps you should try upgrading it. Just go to your Sony Ericsson Update Service, this will help you to download and install the latest firmware of your gadget.

I hope this will give you a solution to your problem.

Best Regards,

Martine Paul


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What are the problems in P910 Syncing?


If the connection times out whenever you synchronize your phone with your computer, try transferring the USB cable to a different USB port and try again. See if it times out again. If this fails and the connection still times out, try restarting your phone or disconnect the battery like doing a soft reset on your device.

Turn off your phone then remove the battery if the battery is removable. Wait about 5 to 10 seconds then reinstall the battery and start the phone. Try synchronizing again and see if it works. If the problem continues, try updating your phone’s PC suite. If there is no updated version of the program, just try uninstalling and reinstalling your PC suite.

Go to Revo Uninstaller Freeware then download the free version. Once installed, start Revo Uninstaller then select your phone’s PC suite from the list. Click “Uninstall” then follow the instructions. This will remove everything the program created on your computer including the backup files of your phone. When it is finished, restart your computer then go to CCleaner Free Download and download the free version.

Once installed, start CCleaner and clean your system. After this, install your phone’s PC suite back and try synchronizing again. If you want to convert CCleaner to Pro, download the codes and follow the instructions.

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