What are different phases in SDLC?

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Requirement Analysis, Architectural Design, Detailed Design, Code and Unit Testing, Integration is testing, System testing and Acceptance Testing.

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What are different phases in SDLC?


SDLC is known as the Software Development Life Cycle. It is used to develop the software systematically . 

SDLC consists of 7 main Stage: 
  1. Preliminary Investigation 
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Analysis
  4. Design 
  5. Coding 
  6. Testing 
  7. Maintenance & Review.
It is defined as how well our application is build in meeting the customer requirement and customers expectation. SDLC underpins many kind of software development methodologies. SDLC is a systems approach to problem solving and is made up of several phases, each comprised of multiple steps: 
  1. The software concept – identifies and defines a need for the new system.
  2. A requirements analysis – analyzes the information needs of the end users.
  3. The architectural design – creates a blueprint for the design with the necessary specifications for the hardware, software, people and data resources.
  4. Coding and debugging – creates and programs the final system. 
  5. System testing – evaluates the system's actual functionality in relation to expected or intended functionality.
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What are different phases in SDLC?


Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC is performed in two steps.

  • System Analysis and
  • System Design

Infact System Analysis involves:

  • Problem Identification
  • Feasibility study and cost benefit analysis
  • System requirement analysis

While System Design involves:

  • System design specifications and programming
  • System implementation, follow up and maintenance
  • Evaluation of the system

Today, software development is not only based on answering the concerns of the users only. Although being the core of development, (SDLC) it takes more than answering the problem to ensure that a good software is created for the clients and customers.

Therefore some Computer Experts describe 5 phases of Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC

They are

  1. Planning
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation

3 sub stages of implementation

  •     Coding
  •     Testing
  •     Installation   

5. Maintenance – to insure the reliability

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