What is all about dsl connection booster?

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Hello guys,

What is all about DSL connection booster?

What is this application and is it really possible to upgrade our DSL internet connection at home, in the offices and other places in the world?

I hope you can give me some right idea regarding this topic so that I will be able to know and learn from it.

Thank you.

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What is all about dsl connection booster?


After more than a year of searching the internet, I haven't found any software or any tweaks that would dramatically speed up an internet connection.

There are some applications though, but they only enhance your internet connection to it's optimum speed, but won't give you a high speed connection.

For example, if you have an internet connection with a 128 kbps downloading speed, but when you try to download it only gives you a 60 kbps speed, you can use these applications to increase its speed too close to 128 kbps, but won't give you 1 Mbps speed.

I hope this information was helpful.



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What is all about dsl connection booster?


Dear Vanessa,

An internet speed booster does nothing but some of the tweaks which you can do it yourself without downloading an extra application and wasting your computers available hardware resource. Instead of downloading a speed Optimizer here are a few tips that you may follow to optimize your internet connection.

It requires a very little computer skills.

  • Clearly the Junk entries of your Browser like cookies, Cache time to time.
  • Disable third party toolbars associated with your browser.
  • Uninstall the software's which are not being used for a long time.
  • Use Google Chrome without Sandbox. This gives you a fast browsing Experience.
  • Defrag your registry.
  • Disable third party plug-ins.

This is a better option.

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What is all about dsl connection booster?



To optimize DSL online in a smart way DSL speed is a professional tool which will help you do that.

DSL does not support the PPPOA NOR modem dialup networking and it helps to optimize DSL connection speed.

Some features of DSL speed 4.6

  • Online Verify ISP’s MTU and DSL Optimize Value.
  • Online and offline Optimize DSL connection speed to MAX.
  • Faster loading Web Pages


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