Want to know the details of Metin2 Real World

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Dear Experts,

I am fond of playing online games specially strategy building games. I have heard about Metin2 and want to know the features offered by this. Is it paid? And also help me find the client program from metin2 real world site or anywhere it could be found.

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Want to know the details of Metin2 Real World


Hello Nina,


Metin2 is a famous multiplayer role-playing online game which has lot of great features including quests, guild battles and enthusiastic wars between countries. 

Metin2 players from all over the world will be able to play the game freely means without no cost. There is no monthly subscription fee or time limit. The client program can be downloaded for free from following link.

Download Metin2 Client Program



First you will decide which Server to play. Currently there are 2 Servers: 

  • Free Kingdom
  • New World

After that choose Nation you want to belong to. There are Three Kingdoms:

  • Dendera (blue nation flag)
  • Listhmos (yellow nation flag)
  • Milgaard (red nation flag)

Every Nation has its own land on which beginner will start when choosing one.

The next step is to decide what gender, name and class your character will have. 
There are 4 classes each with 2 paths, female and male characters. To start you will choose between: Assassin, Mage, Sura, and Warrior. Later from level 5 and above you will decide about your path:

In alphabetical order by class:

  • Assassin (Archer) (Dagger)
  • Mage (Dragon) (Lighting)
  • Sura (Black Magic) (Mirage)
  • Warrior (Arahan) (Partisan)

In the brackets are paths – as you can see, every class has 2 paths that will define the ability to learn particular class skills later through the game.

Thank you.

Rubi Sharlene

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Want to know the details of Metin2 Real World


I am also fond of playing online games. After some research I come to know that you can play Metin2.us fantasy-MMORPG for free on Windows PCs where players can take part in some variety of exciting activities including marriage, item crafting, and horseback riding. There are some exciting features like quests, guild battles and nation wars. You can download the full game free from: metin 2 installer.

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