Want to know about Claytronics Technologies

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Hello,I need some answers about the following
I want to know what is exactly Claytronics Technologies?How do we use this? What is significance of Claytronics Technologies in hardware and software? What is the potentiality marginalized Technology of Claytronics Technologies?What are the Current catoms? What are the ultimate goal of Claytronics Technologies? Thank You

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Want to know about Claytronics Technologies


Claytronics is future concept. It is the integration of nano-scale robotics and computer science. The Claytronic means nano-meter scale computers. It is also called as Catoms. It will be used in daily life like telecommunication, human computer interfaces, entertainment etc.It is idea referred as Programmable matter. Programmable matter is matter having ability to change its shape, density, moduli, conductivity, optical properties in a programmable fashion depending on the user input or sometimes autonomous sensing inputs.
The current catoms are the prototype cylinders having 44 mm diameter equipped with 24 electromagnets arranged in series of stacked rings along the cylinder’s circumference. The ultimate goal of Claytronics Technologies is that user’s experience the digital environments from reality.

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