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In the process of network streaming, when I input the URL on the song that needed to be streamed, I receive the following error message. “VLC media player just crashed. Do you want to send a bug report to the developer’s team?" I have reported this to the team but no one helped. What do I do now?

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Sometimes back, we started getting the same error on one of our workstations, running on WIN 7, 64 Bit.

After working on multiple solutions to trace out the reason for this error, we found that working with the following one or both the suggestions do repair the error. Actually sometimes it happens that the VLC config and caches files gets corrupted, resulting with this error.

1-      Go to the following path  c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\vlc directory, (where C is the partition where the VLC is installed) and search and delete the “plugins-04041e.dat” file. Then try to start the VLC player

2-      Simply click on start and type RUN on search file and folders, press enter.

On Run.exe type” type %appdata%\vlc” and delete the folder.

Now start the VLC player, it should start without any error.



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Hello Zarah,

I would like to suggest some measures :- 1. Re-install VLC. Sometimes we delete, move, replace, edit various files while working on our computer. This causes the programs to stop functioning which are associated with that file. During the installation process you will be prompted to choose components. Check mark '' delete preferences and cache '' . 2. If you have recently installed a similar program in your computer, then they may be conflicting with each other. Uninstall the recent program and then check VLC. 3. Try updating the version of VLC media player. The update option is located under the help tab of your VLC player. 3. If your VLC version is current and this problem started when you updated your player, then you will have to downgrade it. 3.1 uninstall VLC(when the uninstall window opens check mark '' delete preferences and cache '') 3.2 open On the search pane write '' vlc '' and hit enter 3.3 select VLC Media Player 3.4 on the right hand side you will see all the versions of VLC. Select the last version released before the latest version. 3.5 After selecting it, use the green download button on the right hand side for downloading(in the image above the green download button is displayed) In the next window your downloading will start automatically. 3.6 When you finished downloading, install it and check.

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To solve this issue delete VLC preferences and cache. To do that go Start Menu>>All programs>>Video LAN>>Reset VLC media player preferences and cache files. Go this Techyv page because there you will get few new idea to resolve this issue.

VLC constantly crashing and showing error message