Virus infection and their contribution to laptop power drain

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Can a virus cause a laptop battery to drain so fast? If it is possible how many viruses can cause that and can you provide me with names or list of such viruses? What can be the remedy conditions surrounding the safety of my machine with respect to such occurrences? Thank you.

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Virus infection and their contribution to laptop power drain



Viruses are some extra-ordinary programs that do tremendous harm to any PC. It requires heavy power consumption due to its illegal tasks need to be done forcedly. So, viruses cause power drainage in laptop vigorously.

If your laptop is affected with virus, the nasty program runs various tasks at the same time, create lots of processes, consume much more CPU performance and force the hardware use heavy resource and drain battery charge.

There are many super security programs to make your system secured. Here, the respected and trusted ones are listed.

Norton, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Avira etc. are the best for such purpose. Get any of these and install on your system. Make sure to update the programs regularly. Never install two or more security programs on one system.

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Virus infection and their contribution to laptop power drain


Virus sometimes can act as foe to your laptop battery. When you use the multiple applications at the same time, it consumes the processor speed and ram. Now processor need more power to support the multiple applications at the same time and virus is capable of running applications discreetly without us being aware. In same lines virus acts, it run the applications in background.

It’s hard to provide you the list of virus. But you can constantly choose a protection by using the best antivirus. Below are recommended antivirus.

1.     320 Internet Security

2.     Quick heal

3.     Avira Free antivirus

If you don’t want to spend cash, then you can go for free anti-virus software. There are plenty of them e.g. Windows defender, Zone alarm. Good luck!

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