Video transfer from other websites to iPod Gen. 3

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Good Day!

I've been using iMac and iPod Gen. 3 for quite some time now and yet, I still can't figure out, how to upload videos that have been downloaded from other websites using iMac to my iPod.

Apple said that I should download videos from iTunes. I looked for their instructions for iPod but then all information was for iTunes' videos only.

What if the videos were from a remote website? How can I transfer those videos to my iPod?

Hope you can help me.

Thanks in Advance.

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Video transfer from other websites to iPod Gen. 3


There are plenty of options available in the internet, as tools to transfer or convert the videos to iPod.

If you determine the process or the operation well, you could do it with much ease. As the first step of process you should determine the video source and its format. Before that, you should have downloaded the iPod converter, in your device and then you should list those videos, in the application and should set the feature as desired and to fit in the screen. Select the items you want to convert, then click select convert.

You will be getting the iPod videos converted. Its simple, for more details go through the following link:

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Video transfer from other websites to iPod Gen. 3


You can download your desired video from the website and then convert it to the desired output of your iPod. It is easy to convert a AVI video to mp3 you can do it by simply purchasing a new converter or you can use some other tools to convert your video to the iPod video and it will work on both your PC and on your iPod.

Once converted you can download it to your iPod and then use it.

For conversion, first select the file you want to convert and then you need to convert it in the form your iPod sports. Many iPod sports mp3 format so you can convert it to mp3 and then can play it from the iPod. It may be your video or any other file.

The conversion from one format to another format takes time so don't be hurry.

You can find one converter also at this address.

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