Video Error after upgrading OS

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I have an old computer with an old operating system Windows 98. Before the upgrading issue was done the programs, audio sounds and videos are in good conditions. When I upgrade the Os to Windows 2008 after it successfully installed I immediately run the programs the audio sounds and the videos. But sad to say the videos can't be played and the error flashed on the screen

Video Error

Files needed to display video are not installed or are not working correctly. Restart Windows Media Center or restart the computer.

I did what the error says but apparently the error still occurs. The audio sounds and the programs are went well only the videos are not be able to play.

How can I fix the error?

Please help thanks!

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Video Error after upgrading OS



          You have to check your drivers and need to reinstall them, as you say you were using Windows 98 and update to new window. Now this window requires new files to be installed for the drivers. These drivers can be down loaded from NET.  What you have to do is just check the VGA Card you are using and then put this version on to the net for search for proper version. And you will see that it will work fine with your new OP System. 

Just see your video card and download drivers related to that video card they will work fine.


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Video Error after upgrading OS


Hi Charley,

  • The reason for this error is that you upgrade your windows that the OS is not supported the your hardware or display adapter, if you know the manufacturer and the model of your video card, you can download it to the internet,
  • I will give you a link where you can find the best driver for your video card, here is the link.
  • Just create a free account and you can search and download a driver for your video card.

Hope this can help.

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