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Author: Debra smith
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my video converter showing error. please help me or suggest me for a new one.

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Hello Dear,

You have problems in converting video files. Here are some tips to solve your problem, just follow-

** Your converter software may have problems, may be it could blocked by your antivirus.

** Stop protection or unable protection when converting and then enable protection.

** If still problems occur then you need to use new software.

** Go to Google search, then write “format factory”, and the press the enter button.

** Download “format factory”

** Install the software.

** restart your computer.

** Now try to convert file to your desired format.

I hope your problem will be solved.

Have a nice day. Thank you.

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Hi, I was having similar problem with my convertor too. I tried everything but it still wouldn't work, but then i tried downloading the "format factory" referred by Monte Mayor and it works very well. Thank you for recommending it.