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I'm using windows 7. I installed visual basic 6.0 in my laptop but I can't drag the object to the form faster.

The movement of the mouse is smooth. I try using VB6.0 in another laptop with windows XP O.S. and it works normally.

Why VB6.0 is slow in windows 7 but can run normally in windows XP and what will I do to speed it up when I want to use windows 7 as my O.S.?

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VB 6.0 is a very old software, however till date people are using it. May I know your RAM free space?  I mean size of Ram. In respect of Windows XP, Windows7 takes a bit more of it and thus at times the machine gets slower. However may people are using the same Operating System for the purpose but its working fine in all of them. See whether any background tasks are on which are taking so much time. The virtual memory paging system also takes a lot of time that slows down the entire system. I am a fan of VB6.0 and would like to get further reviews about the problem, so please let me know its out comings.