Vb . net / XML problem and SQL query Problem

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Why we use XML in .net?

What is the use of this?

How we can pass the join SQL statement of more than two tables?

What is the use of different framework?

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Vb . net / XML problem and SQL query Problem



  • XML is designed to transport and store the data. It is not replacement for the HTML. In XML we can generate all our custom tags according to our requirements.

The custom tags are comparatively more self-descriptive.

XML is used to generate cross-platform interoperable file formats.

  • XML is different from plain text because it allows to structure the data in a standard manner. It means that other systems can interpret your XML, which is a tough task to achieve in plain text.

This describes  "interoperable file format" Once you generate an XML file, it is open to each and every person. An input, and all the information required to understand the structure of your data, is included in the file.

  • For join SQL statement

SELECT a.au_lname, a.au_fname, t.title
FROM authors a INNER JOIN titleauthor ta
   ON a.au_id = ta.au_id JOIN titles t
   ON ta.title_id = t.title_id
WHERE t.type = 'trad_cook'
ORDER BY t.title ASC

au_lname          au_fname             title     

Ronald              Davidson                Ansi C

Carl                   Bobs                       Engineering Gra

one of the tables in the FROM clause, titleauthor, does not contribute any columns to the results. Also, none of the joined columns, au_id and title_id, appear in the results. Nonetheless, this join is possible only by using titleauthor as an intermediate table.

  • XML is not a framework.

Hope it helped you.

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