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The lenovo fingerprint reader on my laptop  doesn't  work on firefox. What should I do?

Please tell me the procedure to use the lenovo fingerprint reader in firefox.


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First, You have to know that this addon doesn't work on firefox version released after 3.5. If you have 3.5.x version installed, you have to add a patch called ThinkAvantage Client Security 8.21 which can be found at Lenovo web site. Once done, your Lenovo Fingerprint reader should work. For using this software with a newer version of firefox, you have to wait until a release of a new version of ThinkAvantage Client Security.

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The fingerprint device that comes with Lenovo does not support the Firefox browser. But there is an advanced program or an Firefox extension that helps to make your fingerprint reader compatible with Firefox. Please follow the below instructions in order to install the Add-on.

* Click on the below link and it will direct you to the "Fingerfox" extension for your laptop.

* Then click on the icon "Add to Firefox".

* Then install the Add-on and you will get a popup message after the completion of the installation process.

* Restart the Firefox browser after the installation.

* This is the best solution for your fingerprint reader problem associated with Firefox browser.