Using the imap syntax for email

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How can I read my email through the imap syntax protocol? Which tags do I need to use for that, and what do if I wish to read and send emails via IMAP by using the Telnet? Please give me advices or sources of such information.

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Using the imap syntax for email




How can you read email through the imap is given below.


Instructions for Outlook:

1. At first , launch start menu and click on -Control Panel.

2. Then click on the -Mail and click in the e-mail control panel and then click -Email Accounts.
3. Choice to -Add a new e-mail Account and  click -Next.
4. Select radio button next -imap and click -Next.
5. Type your name and imap e-mail address in the -User Information.
6.  Type your e-mail provider's server addresses in the -Server Information.

7. Then type your username and password in the –Log in Information and click -Next to start reading your e-mail .

Instructions for Apple

1. Double-lick on the mail icon to launch Apple mail.
2.  Open the -File menu and select -Add Account.

3. Type your name, imap e-mail address and password. Then click to Continue button.

4. Choice- imap as account type and then type your e-mail provider's server address and click –Continue button.

5. Type your e-mail provider's outgoing server address and click -Continue to start reading your imap e-mail .


 Read and send email using telnet


Send email using telnet:


1. At first, launch the command prompt.

2. Then connect with telnet using the below code:

     telnet 25

3. Then type ehlo Several servers also accept Hello instead of ehlo.

4. Type mail form: Your [email protected]

5. Type rcpt to: [email protected]( User real recipient name)

6. Then to write the message ,type data according to your subject  and end message putting a period line and press enter.

7. Type quit to exit telnet.



Read or check email using telnet


1. Launch command prompt.

2. Type: telnet 110

3. Type username and email and password.

4. Type a list of your emails.

5. Then you will see a list like “1003”  and “1007”



1   1001

2    1004

3    3334

4    2226


6. If you want to read message like 2226, you have to write, retr 4.

7. If you want to delete message like 3334, you have to write, dele 3.

8. After reading or checking type quit.

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