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I have two ISP providers and I want to use it simultaneously, in one Gadget. What IT networking product am I going to purchase and how to use it? Any suggestions. Please needed it ASAP. Thanks and God Bless!

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You should purchase a LOAD BALANCER WITH BROADBAND ROUTER, WITH A DUAL WAN. It's easy to configure similarly with router configurations. You only insert the UTP cable with RJ 45 to WAN 1, from your A provider and WAN 2 for your B provider. For each WAN, you should Key In your individual ISP IP address, Subnet Mask ,Gateway and DNS and you should create your internal IP's  because you are using 2 different providers with different IP Addresses.

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Yes, purchase a Load Balancer. You can use two connections at the same time or you can make one connection, as a Backup and another as a Primary connection. If one is down, another will be up automatically. Purchase Linksys Load Balancer. It will work fine for you.