Use Track changes for effective editing of a word document

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How can you track the changes that you make to a word document? How does the feature “Track Changes” help an author (or a group of authors).What does the feature “Compare Documents” help to perform? How can you activate “Track Changes” feature in MS word ?How can you accept or reject changes?

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Use Track changes for effective editing of a word document

Hi Barb!
Track Changes in Word documents can be very helpful. Using this tool when you write and you need to send it to a friend or coworker he can then suggest you changes in the article by tracking changes and send you article back. When you receive the article you can choose to accept or decline the changes your friend made. 
Check this option to turn tracking on:
Word 2007 and 2010: on the status bar, click Track Changes: Off to turn it on. If you don't see it  on the status bar, then right-click the status bar and click Track Changes. Or Review -> Track Changes.
2002 and 2003 and earlier versions: Double-click the TRK text in the status bar. Or Tools -> Track Changes.
2000 and earlier: Tools -> Track Changes -> Highlight Changes. 
To accept all changes:
Review tab -> Accept button -> Accept All Changes in Document. To reject -> Review tab, Reject button ->
Reject All Changes:
Review tab -> Reject button ->Reject All Changes in Document.
When it comes to feature "Compare Documents" it's useful. If your friend forgot to turn on the option to track changes when you sent him the article for review, this tool can be the one that saves you. If you need to do this with more reviews of same document Word will compare and merge the documents and show you all suggested changes in one document. From here you can also Accept or Decline changes that were made to your document.

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