Use Styles to get better document quality and in less time too.

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With reference to MS Office , how can the use of Styles make your document look more professional ? What are the formatting characteristics that Styles can be applied for?What is direct Formatting and where is it used ? Why is it recommended to use Styles instead of direct formatting?What are Quick styles used for?

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Use Styles to get better document quality and in less time too.


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The use of styles adds a professional look to your document through its main formatting characteristics like,

  • Giving contrasting fonts to headings & body texts
  • Adding more clarity with white spaces in paragraph brakes ​
  • Using contrasting colors to emphasized text
  • Indenting the elements & so on where necessary

But direct formatting also is used where the user wants these characteristics formatted by prioritizing his wishes. Nevertheless, this may consume more time if you are weak in design & typography and also you are prone to make mistakes & face errors in uploading the edits, which might result in getting an awesome look to the document. So, the use of styles is the best in most of the times.

Further, few formatting characteristics can be defined in a single style through the quick style option that updates the changes automatically to the whole document, except for the prior applied styles.


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