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       I need to be able to upgrade a few PDF computer files from Acrobat 5 or Acrobat 7 to the Acrobat 9 structure. The iFilter for searching on our web hosting server can manage the new structure or the old ones, but not both. Obviously, we want to keep the most current format; so, we need to upgrade the present PDF information from Acrobat 5 or 7 to Acrobat 9. Could you please explain whether or not there is a way to do this in Acrobat Pro 9? If there is a way, is there also a way to make it a set job? Any sort of help or suggestion will be much appreciated.

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The problem is not big. The problem lies in the fact that the original PDF file has to be saved in the Acrobat 9 format. Can you open the file ion Acrobat 5 format. If yes then you will have to save the file in the latest acrobat 9 format in the same software as you have mentioned. The only fact is that you have to Save As the file. The another way is to use a  software called PDF edit. This software allows update of PDF files and then save in the latest of the older format as you have currently. Thanks.