Unexpected error occurred, application must exit

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Hello Brainy,

After upgrading my system to latest version, I ended up with an error message. I have attached the error image please help me to resolve this error without any further damage. I get this error image while try to upload software in windows Intune software publisher. Friends suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Badly in help. Thanks.


An unexpected error has occurred.

The application has experienced an unexpected error and must exit. If this error occurs frequently, contact customer support.

System.ComponentMedel.Win32Exception: Das System kann das angegebene Great oder die angegebene Datei nicht offnen.

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Unexpected error occurred, application must exit


Hi Willis,

There are two reasons why it wont continue. First, you installed a pirated application because if it is original any updates release by the manufacturer should be work in your computer. The second reason is the update is not available or doesnt support your operating system or the specifications of your computer is not enough to support the application. All you can do is not to continue the updates because it can cause malfunction  of the application or even your system applications may affect by this updates.

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