Unable to upload photos and images.

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I was unable to upload photos or pic at yahoo,tagged or netlog etc.

Not even emails with attachments.

How can I solve the problem?

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Unable to upload photos and images.



Your problem is that you cannot upload, download and view the photos attached to an email.
Please check your browser settings to identify where you can see the files are downloaded by default.


Please follow the following three steps:

  • Select On the Tools menu and select Options.
  • Select the General tab or main.
  • Locate and check the Downloads localization files are available to download.


Please follow the following steps:

  • The IE should ask you for file saving.
  • Please check the location of the files which are downloaded, it must be in the download Box .


Please follow the steps oven Suite:

  • Select the Tools menu (wrench icon), select Options.
  • Show advanced settings
  • Downloads
  • Save files in folder:
  • To modify the location for downloads files, Click browse.


Please follow the following three steps:

  • Select the Safari menu or Edit and select Preferences.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Locate Save downloaded files to: check the location file are available to download.

N / A
If you are unable to download a file, please Be sure the file that is been not encrypted.

The encrypted files are not supported by yahoo.

Try to reregister the file with a new name. Avoid using special characters in the name, such as #, $, /, @.

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Unable to upload photos and images.


With such a brief explanation I’m not sure if it is really possible to have that kind of problem. Since the first time I’ve learned to use and surf the web and with all the problems I’ve encountered on the computer, I’ve never experienced this kind of problem. It’s odd if you cannot upload anything on your computer and yet you can browse the web.

Downloading and uploading are two different things. When visiting a website, both downloading and uploading are happening at the same time. When the web browser opens the page, it is really downloading the contents like files, images, videos, and others. And while downloading each file, it is also sending back information about the status of the process and that’s the uploading part.

So if you can display a web page then I’m sure you can upload a file. I think your problem is really with your connection. If you are trying to upload the file during peak hours, avoid doing it during these hours because the network is heavily congested. The best time when to upload is during off-peak hours where very less people are using the network.

And also make sure no other processes are running on your computer. Check your computer for any sign of infection. It is possible that a malicious program is causing the interruption when you are trying to upload. Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your entire hard drive.

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