Unable to obtain connection with SQL Server

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I have posted a screenshot of the error I got while I am applying a local administrator account to set up XenDesktop. I run the installation on a Win 2008 R2 Enterprise machine. I have yet to connect the server to a domain. I have an SQL Server 2008 R2 located on the exterior of the domain, and I would be keen on using that server for the XenDesktop Database.

When I connect the XenDesktop5 server to the domain, I could not obtain a connection to the SQL server, since my Xendesktop 5 server is linked to the domain and the SQL server is not. I would greatly appreciate any instruction you could give on how to join to an SQL server on the exterior of the domain. Also, is it necessary to join the server of the XenDesktop with the domain before initiating? My profound gratitude for any help I receive.

Connection error SQL Server 2008 R2 located on the exterior of the domain



MMC has detected an error in a snap-in and will unload it.

– Report this error to Microsoft, and then shut down MMC

– Unload the snap-in and continue running


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Unable to obtain connection with SQL Server



The problem you are saying is that your SQL server is not working and the connection cannot be made. There are some options you need to make this one of this will solve your problem:

1. One you should check is the SQL server you are using is compatible with your domain software or not. It might look with the screen shot error that the SQL is not compatible with the software you are using. So check it out and change if this is so, and try the latest version of the SQL server, it will work.

2. You should check is your SQL server is on or not and is it working or not. Try to install the XAMPP server which has SQL database and PHP also it will work with any sort SQL but must try the one which is compatible with your SQL.

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