Unable to access secured website

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When I trying to log into a secured website, I get an error. Previously I was able to access this site. I recently added Norton Antivirus/Internet security. How do I fix this?

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Unable to access secured website


Jammy, the answer to your question is just there. It worked prior to installing NORTON right? The best thing that you can do is to uninstall NORTON and see for yourself. I am sure you did not make any changes with the settings of you browser so it cannot be a browser issue.  If it will allow you to access secure sites then its NORTON blocking the connection. If your Norton Antivirus/Internet security is a registered or licensed one, then you can try calling their support team, search online. I have heard a lot from friends about NORTON, it causes connection issues.If this will resolve the issue then you can try installing other security software.Im giving it a 99.99% resolution. Have a good day!

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Unable to access secured website


I am also a long time user of Norton products and I had already used both products you have. Norton antivirus won’t do that even if you visit a rogue website. It’s plain and simple antivirus that doesn’t bother checking whatever site you’re on. It is focused on monitoring the activities on your system as well as the inbound and outbound files.

When you download a file from the internet, Norton antivirus scans it first before allowing it to start. If a malicious code or algorithm is detected, it will alert you and automatically blocks the program from getting launched. It will also automatically delete the file if a virus was detected. I guess your problem started when you used Norton Internet Security.

This Norton product automatically detects harmful websites when you browse the internet. If the website you visited is listed among the reported sites, it will automatically block the site from your web browser with a notice on the screen explaining what had happened.

What I know, when you visit a website that is included in its list of dangerous websites, it will give you options either to proceed to the site or go back. This is also the same with ESET Smart Security. It has its own list of dangerous websites and blocks your web browser from accessing them.

If you want to proceed to the site, the workaround is to temporarily disable your internet security and visit the site again. This feature is actually great because it protects you from dangerous websites that send harmful traffic back to your computer. There is no more Norton Internet Security or Norton Antivirus. Symantec merge the two products into one and they are now known as Norton Security Deluxe.

If you want to try ESET, go to ESET Products Download and select one to download.

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