Types of Softwares used in Cricket

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Hi! I am a big cricket fan and as the Cricket World Cup is taking place, so these days I think a lot about cricket. I want to know what kind of soft wares are used in cricket. Like to monitor the speed of the ball, what software is used? Similarly in checking if a ball touched a bat, some snicko meter is used. These terms may not be very familiar to people who don't follow cricket, but I am sure a cricket fan would have answers to my question. Similarly what kind of software is used in hotspot?

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Types of Softwares used in Cricket

Hi Charles,
Hot Spot makes use of two infrared cameras positioned on opposite ends of the ground. They are responsible for sensing and measuring heat from the collision friction. Some instances are ball on the pad, the ball on the bat or the ground or the glove. A chain of black-and-white negative frames is generated into an imaging computer, pinpointing the point of contact of the ball.
Hawk eye and Radar Guns are used for measuring the speed of the cricket ball. 

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