The TypePad Blog () doesn’t exist or it could have been mistyped

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Greetings to all bloggers, I am searching for a specific blog that my friend is suggesting me to read, when I am searching for the blog an error message pop up my screen that tells me that the blog cannot be found,

I pasted below the error message screen.


Blog Not Found

The TypePad Blog () doesn’t exist or it could have been mistyped.

Try again, or register for your own blog..

If you think you reached this page in error, please send us a message on Get Satisfaction.

I am wondering why I get this error message, my friend is pretty sure that he gave me the correct title, since he is reading it a while ago, since I am not a genius in blogging this scenario is alien to me, please help me understand this scenario, thanks for reading my post.

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The TypePad Blog () doesn’t exist or it could have been mistyped


BLOG Not Found

I am pretty sure that you got the wrong BLOG title from your friend. It is easy to identify and to prove to you that you got the wrong title from your friend if you have also posted the name of the BLOG here.

Trying to analyze your statement, you say “he gave me the correct title”, is it the title or the Uniform Resource Locator? I mean, what he gave you is just the title of the BLOG and not the Uniform Resource Locator or the address of the BLOG.

Now, since he gave you the title, you may use the Google search engine to search for that BLOG. Just type the title of the BLOG in the search box of Google the click search button. On the result check one by one or just select on the result the nearest contents of the BLOG you are looking for. Better to right click for the link then view it on a new tab or window so that the Google search result remains on the screen or browser.

If still you can’t find the BLOG you are looking for, better to contact your friend and as for the exact address or the URL of the BLOG. When talking on one and jotting each letter, ask your friend to say it in Phonetic alphabet to make sure that you got the correct letter that he/she gave. And if he/she has an email or internet, why not asking him/her to send the address via email?

You got the error message because TypePad has not found the address you have entered. That message came from (if I am not mistaken) and the error message suggesting you to register the BLOG you have entered to be created.

There are some possibilities also that the BLOG your friends given to you is already deleted especially if he/she gave you the BLOG info few days or months ago.

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The TypePad Blog () doesn’t exist or it could have been mistyped



The first thing to check is that you have typed the correct URL of the blog. Consult your friend again to verify the URL. If the URL is the same then they might have been deleted by the author of the blog or they might have been suspended due to the violation of the Terms of service.

There is nothing you can do about it. If the blog was popular then it must have been indexed by Google, you can see the cached preview of the blog by typing the name of the blog in a Google search and then click cached copy.

You might be able to see then blog then.

I hope this helped.


Peter franklin


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