TypeError: document.getElementByName (“Classification3”)[0] is undefined

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This error appeared when I used the icici bank website after filling the following information like, Tenure, amount, email etc.

There was an alert box “TypeError: document.getElementsByName(“classification3″)[0] is undefined”.

Does anyone know what's wrong with it?



TypeError: document.getElementByName (“Classification3”)[0] is undefined

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TypeError: document.getElementByName (“Classification3”)[0] is undefined



This could be the problem for their end as the website is designed and developed by them.

If you continue to face this error, then try using the website through another browser and other things which you can try are as follows:

1. Go to control panel – Internet options

2. Delete entire history, clear cache.

3. Click Start – and type %temp% and if it windows xp then click run and in the box type %temp%

4. A new windows will appear. In that select all and perform shift + delete.

Once this is done then close your browser and start it again.

After doing all the above things and the issue still persist than I would suggest you to contact their customer care team so that they can resolve the issue from their side.

Hope the above information helps!


Keaton Christopher


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