Two Question Regarding Disaster Recovery

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I have two questions regarding Disaster Recovery which are as follows:

a)  What should we consider in our Disaster Recovery Plan?

b) What should we consider when choosing a disaster recovery service provider?


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Two Question Regarding Disaster Recovery



Here are the possible answers to your questions regarding disaster recovery.

a)  What should we consider in our Disaster Recovery Plan?

The Disaster Recovery Plan  is your most important armor against a certain disaster. It is what you will turn to after the hazardous incident. In preparing a disaster recovery plan, you should consider first that, it is achievable and realistic according to your resources and capabilities. Second, you  assess  the risks of hazards or disasters, which are likely to happen in your area. After consolidating those possible hazards in your locality, it is not wise that you will just sit and wait for the disaster to happen, you should create mitigating measures to lessen the risks of a disaster. Policies and objectives are also very important in achieving your goal of recovering from a disaster. If these are already formulated, the last  thing you will consider is the necessary tools to be made available during the disaster.

b) What should we consider when choosing a disaster recovery service provider?

Among the factors that you should consider in choosing a Disaster Recovery Service Provider are the quality of its services and availability of their communication or their internet access, cost of service, facilities, and trained personnel.

Two Question Regarding Disaster Recovery


Hi Jasontit,

a) What should we consider in our Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster recovery plan should always be focused on that technology infrastructure which is essential for the continuity of the business process. Disaster recovery planning should be done after analyzing the business continuity activity, which helps us to know what Infrastructure needs to be recovered so as to run the core functionalities of the business. So start with the core things like the databases, servers, important files and documents. Even the people working within the organization are critical core components and so they should also be saved. Set up escape routes and make sure employees are familiar with them. Organizer recovery teams with expertise personnel. 

Disaster Recovery Measure are:

  • Preventive Measures:

These measures deal with the prevention of a disaster, like for floods having the office located far away from Flood Prone Region or Configuring the Remote Data Backup systems which backup the data from time to time to an offsite location. Some files or data may not be necessarily backed up every hour or day but few critical data may need backup even for every 5 minutes.

  • Detective Measures:

These measure deals with finding out any possibility of occurrence of disaster, by monitoring any unwanted incidents or events. Like any employee trying to steal the Company Information or any Bio Terrorism activities.

  • Corrective Measures:

These are focused on what key steps are to be taken after the disaster has occurred so as to reduce the effects caused by it.

b) What should we consider when choosing a disaster recovery service provider?

The following things should be considered while choosing a Disaster Recovery Service Provider:

  1. Organize more than one team of network operation center running at all times in different places to ensure that a team will always be ready to cover up the network failure caused by another team center.
  2. Hire experienced staff ,as experience plays a key role in case of disaster recovery.
  3. Optimizing the infrastructure facilities like Fire Extinguishing techniques, Power Backup etc.
  4. Using High end Network Systems so that they can handle terabytes of transfer.
  5. Not but least, pricing. Make sure that the Disaster Recovery service providers deserves what you pay them. Don't pay them too much nor too low.

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