Tried but failed to rebuild NDK

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We used the following instructions to try and rebuild NDK

We tried to Import anexisting CCS project but the operation failed at step 7 of the rebuild.  Please find attached the error message.

We are operating:

CCS for linux



Issues that may require your attention were encountered while importing the project(s).


See details below.

<<Details OK

Error: Import failed for project ‘ndk_core_build’ because its meta-data cannot be interpreted. Please contact support.


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Tried but failed to rebuild NDK


Most likely, a mismatch between the .so file used by the GDB that calculates addresses from source sites and the .so file version loaded into the Android application is present. This is most likely to happen when you have set breakpoints. You can change your build configuration to build an armeabi platform. Afterwards, your application can be built again.

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Tried but failed to rebuild NDK


You should be able to import the project. However, you need to keep a point in mind while you are importing. You need to select, "existing project into workspace". You can do this from General tab. You need to move project files up one folder ti / ndk / src to / ti / ndk. I feel this will resolve the path issue and you will get your problem solved.

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