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I am planning to buy a Bluetooth software for my Dell Laptop with Windows 7. I need top ten reviews Bluetooth software for me to select the best, Please advice.

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Hi George,

Bluetooth Software from CNET, from software informer:,

From Broadcom:

When you will summarize all reviews about Bluetooth software, you will come across to top 10 feedbacks: Just right for your DELL Laptop with OS Windows 7. Please read the following:

1. It works with Dell Adapter. You can connect to another Bluetooth device with no hassle.

2. You can use any PC's and Laptop's. This versatility is software.

3. Support for game controllers.

4. Support for headsets.

5. Provide a wide variety of connecting to others.

6. Provide quality and hassle-free wireless networking capabilities.

7. Possible marketing tool via Bluetooth this app will do Sales marketing on your behalf.

8. Can be used to send flyers and other promotions.

9. Supports driver models: Dell wireless 355C Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR module.

10. Dell wireless 355 module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology.


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