Too much unwanted Junk Mail

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I’m using GFI Mail Essentials in SBS2003 with Exchange environment for anti-spam filters. A particular user's Junk-mail is being forwarded to me since last week. I have checked and verified the Exchange General Tab in ADUC and user's Outlook but there was no rule to forward or redirect.

This is happening only on this user and all other junk mails are being sent to me. I checked the few items via searches that I know or can find in the IT house. The default settings for the exchange junk email should be enough to cause Exchange to move emails with the SCL level set by Mail Essentials to the Junk email folder.

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Too much unwanted Junk Mail



The junk mails that you are receiving could be from sites that you subscribed to, for instance some blogs or forums, and therefore when a user posts something on the blog a copy of it is send to your message but then it lands in your inbox with the user who posted leaving you to think that it is the user who is sending the message.

All you will have to do to is unsubscribe from those blogs or sites that you may have subscribed to that are responsible for flooding your inbox with those junk mails.


Mahesh Babu

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