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Hello all

I have recently installed TSS server on tiny umbrella, and it was installed successfully but when I try to run the server, I get an error on my screen.

The screenshot of the error is attached below:

Do not try restoring your device

The message states:

Cannot Start TSS Service

Do not try restoring your device!!!

Tinyumberella-5.00.11.exe(PID:7280 must be killed)

What should I do to run it successfully? Any ideas are most welcome.

I have searched a lot for the solution but could not find any. Your help is required please.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Grace,

Try to follow these steps, maybe it could help you.

1.     You have to find and kill the Apache server by the opening terminal.

2.      Login into it.

3.     And then finally, you need to enter this code: sudo / usr/ sbin/ apachectl stop

Hope it may help you a lot.

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Hello Grace W Runyon,

Hope that my message finds you well. Please follow the steps below to solve your issue:
The TinyUmbrella TSS service known as Apple server and usually located on port 80 in your machine. You can restore iPhone firmware that is forbidden by apple Co. then iTunes will allow you to restore / downgrade.
You go through the steps that are mentioned inside the below URL:
Hope this solution will help you and let us know the results.
Kind regards,