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What should you look for when buying a computer in terms of RAM video-sound cards processors CD-DVD drives and burners OP systems USB etc. What are the things to be consider?

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The first thing to consider when buying a new computer is your budget or how much money you want to spend on buying a new computer. The bigger the budget the better computer specifications you can get. Next is the requirements. What do you really prefer to use, a laptop or a desktop PC? You need to decide on which of the two will best suit your needs. You may need to adjust your budget or your goals to make it compatible with each other.

The Processor is the most essential factor on choosing a computer. I will recommend you to use Intel brand since Intel is very famous on making the best chips that comes with the Core 2 Duo PCs. The next thing is the RAM or the Random Access Memory.  This is very simple as you only need to decide how much RAM you will need. Just remember that when you go for more than 2GB, you must get Windows 7 64-bit for your Operating System. Hard disk drive is the next thing to consider. The bigger the size, the better. Decide according to the purpose why you need to buy a new computer. Lastly, the graphics. Most computers now comes with the built-in graphics. But I will suggest to use a nVidia product.

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the following terms you need to think about to buying computer:
select the operating system you intend to use, then select machine type (desktop computer or laptop), further technical specification such as cpu's processors speed, ram, rom, hard disk for storage mass, and finally monitor or LCDs to view.

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Before buying a computer, there are several important things that must be considered, they are,
First of all you have to decide what the purpose of the laptop is and what the budget we are looking at is. Once it is fixed then you should decide which brand must be considered, this will vary depending on the tastes and experience of the customer.
The general basic things to look out for are
Processor - Various processors are available ranging from i3 to i5 in intel, to AMD processors etc. The processor plays a vital role in the computer as a brain to humans. So it is very important. For an average home user an i3 processor would be just needed.
RAM – The RAM is the memory part of the computer and comes in DDR1 DDR2 etc. It is recommended that you should have at least 2 Gb ram.
Hard drive – hard drive is the storage tank of the computer where all your files and documents are stored. If you need to store huge amount of data, then you should buy 1TB hard disk. SSD is also available, which are costly, but very efficient and fast.
Graphics card – The graphics card is needed when you are interested in gaming or you work on graphics software. Every computer motherboard will have an inbuilt graphics of its own, but if you need more performance, then you should have an additional graphics card.
Operating system – The operating system may be Windows or Linux or Mac based