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Hello I have a problem to my computer. My OS is mac os x 10.4.8. I have a problem on my drive.

Because my DVD was stocked, my computer also can’t recognize the drive. 

How can I work with my DVD? Do I need to install some driver to run it?

Please help me.

There was an initialization error

A valid DVD drive could not be found. (-70012)+

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Hello Bobby Gravine,

I will suggest that you try shutting down and restarting your computer gain, and while it is booting hold the mouse clicker down and see if it will recognize the DVD tray.

Otherwise the problem may be caused by some object that has entered your DVD drive's tray, and therefore it is blocking it from reading the DVDs or CDs that you insert. You should therefore check if there is any object that if jamming up the DVD tray and remove it. Blow it off of any dust that has accumulated because it may be the possible cause of the problem too.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung