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Hi to all,

I am reviewing some notes from my previous training, so I decided to open those PDF files that was given to us by the trainer, when I am about to open the file, an error message appeared, access denied to the file, I include in my post the error message screen shot.

Adobe Reader

There was an error opening this document. Access denied.

As I looked upon the error message, I have a hard time understanding the error, on why I cannot open the file, since I am the owner of the file, I don't remember adding some restriction on the file, I scan my computer for some virus that might locked the file, but none was found,

Please help me find ways to open the file,

Many thanks to all.

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The file might be encrypted, try to do the following. Right click on the file and then click Properties, click the General tab and then click the Advanced button. If the Encrypt contents to secure data check box is selected, then you need the certificate that was used to encrypt the file  to open it.

Other possible reason might be due to the permission of the file. To check the permission, right click on the file and choose Properties, click the Security tab. Check under the Group or Usernames if your current username has the permission or access to this file.

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Follow this method:

First open and launch the Adobe reader. Go to edit menu and click preference.

Open the Preference from the menu and click General tab. Unmark the box of Enable Protected Mode at Startup. And a window will show up and hit the yes tab.

After the action you can close the Adobe and you can open the PDF document without any error or problem.