Is there any built in function for oracle convert rtf to text?

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Hi experts,
I know that some commercial products in oracle convert rtf to text. But I need alternative thing  which is a great rtf
editor and also is a built in function for oracle convert.It obviously
has to have an opportunity to make file in minimum size. Please help me.

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Is there any built in function for oracle convert rtf to text?



Oracle has a new Rich Text Editor that allows the user to create and modify webpages.  There are two editors:

1)      Edit mode (WYSIWYG): It is an editor that offers a graphical representation of your page.
2)      HML edit mode: An editorthat allows the user to modify the HTML source code.
The editors have also a toolbar with several functionalities.  Some of the toolbar features are:
Ctrl + x:  To cut the select content.
Copy and paste icon.
Ctrl + c:  To copy the content.
Ctrl + v:  To paste the content.
Ctrl + z:  To undo the last action.
Ctrl + y:  To redo the last action.
Ctrl + A:  To select all the content.
Ctrl + P:  To print the content.
Font drop menu: So that you can select any preferred font.
A decrease and an increase icon: To enable the user to make changes to the indent of the content.
The new RTE in Oracle also have support for the following features:  table editing and cell properties, Embedded JavaScript in HTML, Relative URLs, Extensibility, Image Library and Search and replace.   Infact, Oracle enhanced the RTE so that the user can edit the Oracle content.
I Hope this is useful.  Good luck to you.

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