Texas Instruments – Isolated AC Lighting Kit

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I want to increase the voltage orientation that the LLC resonant step is using.

How can I do it?

When I utilize the software TMDSIACLEDCOMKIT_GUI, I am not able to move the slider labeled "Resonant Output".

Here is the error message.

Texas Instuments – Isolated AC Lighting Kit

Eocezone non gestta nell'applicazione. fare clic su continua per ignorare
I'errore e tentare di proseguire. Fare clic sue Esci per arrestare
I'applicazione immediatamante.
'32727' non e un valore valido per 'Value'. 'Value' derve essere compreso
tra 'Minimum' e 'Maximum'.
None parametro: Value.
Dettagli                                     Continua                    Esci

Thanks a lot.

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Texas Instruments – Isolated AC Lighting Kit


Hello Dave,

The error you are getting may be as a result of the configurations you are using for the Texas Instruments application. You will therefore need to check them and see if there is something that has not been configured correctly and change it. Otherwise try the following:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your computer, and then click on Start Task Manager.
  • In the task manager window, click on processes, and then close all processes related to Texas Instruments.
  • Restart the computer and then start the Texas Instruments application.
  • You can now try using the software TMDSIACLEDCOMKIT_GUI and see if the slider will move this time round.





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