The Terms Of Hosting And Domain In Web Designing

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In web designing, after the web page has been designed, we need to buy a domain and we need to host the webpage on the Internet. What do you mean by domain and hosting? What is their use?

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The Terms Of Hosting And Domain In Web Designing



A Domain is a part of the URL for each website. The .in, .com, .org, .edu, etc. that we include in the URL of the website is what we call as a domain. It is necessary to have a domain in order to have a website name. Hosting means to upload the web page to the Internet in order to let users access the web-page and enjoy all the services provided. In order to make the website p=functional, it is necessary to buy a domain and host the page on the World Wide Web.

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The Terms Of Hosting And Domain In Web Designing


Domain names are used to recognize one or more IP addresses. It is used in URLs to distinguish specific web pages. For example, in the URL “”, the domain name is “”. Every domain uses a suffix to indicate its TLD or Top Level Domain. The following are examples of suffixes used on domains:

  • * gov – Government agencies
  • * edu – Educational institutions
  • * org – Non-profit organizations
  • * mil – Military
  • * com – Commercial business
  • * net – Network organizations
  • * ca – Canada
  • * th – Thailand

Because the internet is based on IP addresses instead of domain names, a DNS or Domain Name System server is required by every web server to decipher domain names into IP addresses. Hosting or web-hosting or server, on the other hand, is like the space you rent out to have your business in. It is the business of serving, housing, and maintaining files for one or multiple websites.

More important than the space being provided by the hosting service for website files is the fast connection to the internet.

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